Quays News – Best/Worst of 2014

Long-time followers of mine will know that I was the first film critic for the Student-Run news channel “Quays TV News”. During this time I reviewed movies like ‘Prisoners‘, ‘Rush‘, ‘The LEGO Movie‘, ‘Thor: The Dark World‘, ‘Dallas Buyers Club‘, ‘Starred Up‘, ‘Under the Skin‘ and many many more. It was an incredible experience and I loved working with all the presenters and the dedicated crew-members behind the scenes. While I had to leave the show in mid-2014, the film reviews segment continued with Tom Percival and David Barker. But now, at the end of 2014, the two compile and debate their best and worst movies of 2014, hosted by Kimberly Harrison.
quays film
But not even leaving the show can keep me away as I was invited to chip-in and offer my best and worst films of the year just gone. Enjoy!

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Posted: 22nd Dec 14