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After spending almost 20 years in development, ‘Absolutely Anything‘, brought to us by Terry Jones of ‘Monty Python‘ fame, is finally opening in early 2015 and the first official clip has been released. The movie follows Neil, played by Simon Pegg (‘Shaun of the Dead‘, ‘Star Trek‘ & ‘The World’s End‘) who is visited by aliens who grant him the power to do “absolutely anything” that he can express in words.

The clip quickly demonstrates his abilities by allowing him to read, eat food and speak German with a simple command and also allow his pet dog, Dennis, to speak English. And Dennis has the voice of Robin Williams (‘Mrs. Doubtfire‘, ‘Aladdin‘ & ‘Good Will Hunting‘) in his last ever role.
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While Robin Williams initially signed on for the voice role in 2010 and he has had other movies come out since then, ‘Absolutely Anything‘ will be his last film credit.

Thankfully, the movie looks pretty good. It’ll be easy to think negatively of the movie if it doesn’t do the actor justice, but ‘Absolutely Anything‘ is akin to this year’s ‘God’s Pocket‘ starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. ‘God’s Pocket‘ was a small film that never intended to get much traction, but because it was a posthumous release for such a high-profile actor, it was catapulted into the spotlight.

Simon Pegg looks good as always and I think the dialogue from Terry Jones’ and Gavin Scott’s script helps capture the single-minded nature of a dog. Plus, Williams’ delivery on the f-bomb towards the end is a lot funnier then it probably should be, as well as the added detail of Dennis giving his master his full attention before immediately going for the door again once the bell rings (a small touch I bet lots of dog owners will relate to).

The movie also stars Kate Beckinsale, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, John Oliver and Eric Idle and recently found a UK distributor with Lionsgate after receiving additional funding to finish the movie. According to Jones, famed author Douglas Adams read the script before his death in 2001 (yes, this movie has been in development for that long) and he said that Dennis’ scenes were the funniest in the movie.

We’ll have to see if Adams was correct when ‘Absolutely Anything‘ opens in the UK on February 13th 2015.
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Posted: 17th Dec 14