“Orange Wednesdays” coming to an end…

This week, mobile network EE announced that after almost 12 years, their “Orange Wednesdays” promotion is coming to an end in early 2015.
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For those of you who don’t know, “Orange Wednesdays”, which started in 2003, allowed Orange Mobile Phone customers to get 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Wednesday if they text the word “FILM” to the number 241. The service was incredibly well marketing during the mid-noughties with fondly remembered and very entertaining spoof-movie posters as well as hilarious adverts starring Brennan Brown and Steve Furst as Hollywood executives talking to famous movie actors and hi-jacking their concept with “contemporary” ideas.

Remember, folks, every joke has a basis in reality.

These adverts had many Hollywood filmmakers and actors take part in skits, such as; Sean Astin (the advert above), Rob Lowe, Dennis Hopper, Carrie Fisher, Jack Black, John Cleese, Spike Lee, Sigourney Weaver and many more. The promotion eventually expanded to a 2-for-1 meal at Pizza Express along with additional adverts telling sadistic, terrible human beings to turn off their mobile phones during a movie (which tied-in with movies being released at the time such as the below advert for ‘The A-Team‘, ‘The Sweeney‘ and ‘Rio‘).

While “Orange Wednesdays” was originally created in order to encourage the public to make a trip to the movies during the mid-week doldrums, it is coming to an end on the last Wednesday of February 2015; the 25th. A statement on the EE/Orange website reads;

“Orange Wednesdays launched over a decade ago and at its peak was a massive success and an iconic promotion. After 10 great years our brand has changed and our customers’ viewing habits have also evolved so it’s time to move on. That’s why the final credits will roll for Orange Wednesdays at the end of February 2015. We’re working on new customer entertainment rewards and we’ll provide more detail soon.”

While there is no official word on what EE hopes to replace the “Orange Wednesdays” promotion with, it’s safe to say that this cancellation sucks. Although the one positive of this is that my Facebook newsfeed won’t be swarmed with “Anyone got an Orange Wednesday code they could send me?” anymore.
Movie-going is expensive, especially when you factor in things like 3D, snacks, parking and petrol if you travel by car etc. A promotion like “Orange Wednesdays” not only encourages people to go the movies but to also do it with friends/partners while also saving money. Some of that money saved on movie tickets probably went back into the movie tickets for snacks and treats. So everybody won with the deal. Industry analysts are attributing the cancellation decision because of the rise of Netflix and other means of home entertainment but I’m not entirely sure that’s correct as a deal like “Orange Wednesdays” actually ENCOURAGED people to get out of the house and go to a movie theatre.

Thankfully, the promotion will come to an end after ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘s release on Valentines Day 2015 so you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can still feel inadequate whilst saving cash. And now, for the sake of nostalgia, here’s the original advert that started it all.

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Posted: 14th Dec 14