October 2015 Movie Preview

September was a bit of a slow month where a lot of the films that didn’t quite qualify for the Summer Blockbuster months or Oscar-Season got dumbed (though there were some legitimate gems to be found). But now, with October, 2015 is coming to an end and it’s going out with a bang as we do have some genuinely varied and interesting releases coming out in the U.K. this month.

Let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s dive right in!

October 2nd 2015
The Intern – 
1 - The Intern
Huh. When I was talking about how great a month October was setting out to be, ‘The Intern‘ wasn’t what I had in mind. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look bad as Writer/Director Nancy Meyers has done decent work before on films such as ‘It’s Complicated‘ and works well with actors, which is good because Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway definitely qualify as top-tier talent. And the premise of a retired widower wanting to remain active and relevant by applying for a senior internship at a thoroughly modern fashion company is rife with dramatic and even comedic potential.

The Intern‘ looks like fluff. That’s not a bad thing. But with some of the most interesting and anticipated movies of 2015 coming out this month, it may not warrant a ticket-purchase for those who want to limit or ration their movie-going experiences. It looks okay, but that’s all it looks.

Macbeth – 
2 - Macbeth
Okay, here we go. Now we’re talking. Top-tier talent such as Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Paddy Considine, David Thewlis and more join director Justin Kurzel (who is directing the upcoming ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ movie next year) in what looks set to be the most ambitious and high-profile adaptation of William Shakespeare’s iconic “Scottish Play”.

With the dialogue ripped straight from “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, ‘Macbeth‘ probably won’t be a very accessible movie despite the trailers selling it as a war epic, but it looks stylish as hell and who doesn’t want to see Fassbender in what could be a career-defining role?….at least until next month when ‘Steve Jobs‘ comes out.

The Walk – 
3 - The Walk
Just a quick side-note; ‘The Walk‘ is opening exclusively on IMAX screens on October 2nd before getting a conventional theatrical roll-out the week after. So keep that in mind when booking tickets.

Anyway. At the beginning of the year this Philippe Petit biopic ‘The Walk‘, brought to us from ‘Forrest Gump‘, ‘Back to the Future‘ and ‘Cast Away‘ director Robert Zemeckis, was in my Top 10 most anticipated of the year. After I saw more of other future releases and more announcements were made it eventually dropped out of that list, but I’m still really looking forward to this.

While the Academy Award winning 2008 documentary ‘Man on Wire‘ already detailed how the artistic crime of the 20th century happened with Petit hanging a wire between the two World Trade Center towers and walking across, there is no actual footage of the event. This presents a prime opportunity for the titular walk to be shown on IMAX screens as well as 3-D that causes such a profound sense of vertigo that there have been reports of audience members throwing up during screenings. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but I can’t wait to see this in 3-D.

October 8th
Sicario – 

4 - Sicario
A month ago I had never heard of this film, but now it’s all everyone is talking about. That seems to be how marketing works in the U.K. for lower budget, wide-release fare; just cram all of your marketing into the final month before release. But it seems to have worked as the movie found phenomenal success in the U.S. despite getting an incredibly limited release. The success was so prominent that distributor Lionsgate are already planning a sequel.

Brought to us from up-and-coming director Denis Villeneuve (who has been on fire over the past few years thanks to ‘Prisoners‘ and ‘Enemy‘), ‘Sicario‘ revolves around a specialist F.B.I. group tasked with taking down a drug lord. The trailers haven’t exactly wowed me because, apart from the great cast and talent on board, they’ve not shown an awful lot and not even in a deliberate teasing way. But the critical acclaim for ‘Sicario‘ has been off the charts with some critics even calling it “the better version of ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘. High praise indeed.

October 9th
Regression – 

5 - Regression
Oh yeah, it’s October isn’t it? That means we start getting into some spooky territory this time of year! Directed by Alejandro Amenábar ‘Regression‘ is a psychological thriller set in 1990 and revolves around a Police Detective played by Ethan Hawke who is investigating a potential sexual abuse case with Emma Watson as the teenage victim.

The trailers have been very intriguing as they don’t tip their hat as to whether or not ‘Regression‘ goes entirely into the supernatural or not, which might be a smart play to drum up intrigue and mystery. It’s also refreshing to see a horror movie NOT get released in the found-footage format or by Blumhouse. It’s also the first time we’ve seen Emma Watson in this sort of role, so interesting stuff all around.

October 12th 2015
Suffragette – 

7 - Suffragettes
Over a hundred years ago, many women in the United Kingdom were unable to vote or have any political say in the country that they lived in. Sick of not being on equal standing with the working men of the country, two factions developed campaigning for votes for women; The Suffragists, who used peaceful methods and Suffragettes whose tactics could easily be interpreted as flagrant terrorism.

Suffragette‘, directed by Sarah Gavron was not only the first film to get permission to film inside the U.K. Houses of Parliament, but boasts Oscar-Calibre female talent with Carey Mulligan as the lead and supporting actors Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson and Ben Whishaw. It’s easily one of the most high-profile British films of 2015 and a potential Oscar-contender should the quality match its potential and do justice to the women’s suffrage movement. It also helps that the trailer linked below is one of my favourite trailers of the year.

October 16th 2015
Crimson Peak – 

6 - Crimson Peak
Hell yeah, more horror. And horror from ‘Pan’s Labyrinth‘, ‘Hellboy‘ and ‘Pacific Rim‘ director Guillermo del Toro no less! Selling itself as a horror/romance movie with the two leads being Mia Wasikowska and the god of mischief himself Tom Hiddleston, ‘Crimson Peak‘ follows a young author in the 19th century who gets married only to discover that her dream husband is hiding some terrible secrets in his obviously-haunted home.

Just seeing Guillermo del Toro back in the horror-playground should be enough to get your butt in a movie theatre and after the incredibly positive reception it’s received at early screenings (with author Stephen King calling it “gorgeous and just fucking terrifying”), if you can only watch one horror movie this October, make it ‘Crimson Peak‘.

Hotel Transylvania 2 – 
8 - Hotel Transylvania
Even though I found the first ‘Hotel Transylvania‘ movie to be thoroughly mediocre, I was glad to see it succeed. It was great that the legitimately great animation director Genndy Tartakosky had a financial hit in the mainstream arena which means he can have the clout and authority to move onto bigger and better things such as his 3D “Popeye” dream project.

But that project fell through and now Tartakosky is back working with Adam Sandler and co. for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2‘. *sigh* The first movie wasn’t bad, but Tartakosky’s energy and visual style was really the only thing to stand-out. The characters and story weren’t remotely compelling and definitely didn’t need any sort of sequel. But we’ve got one and…it looks pretty meh as well.

Except for Blobby. Blobby looks like a lot of fun.

Pan –
9 - Pan
It’s pretty disingenuous for me to “preview” this prequel/reboot of the Peter Pan character because I saw the movie almost a month ago at the World Premier in London. While there’s no embargo on ‘Pan‘ I have not yet posted my (already written) review. ‘Pan‘ will be getting early public preview screenings on October 8th and October 9th so my review will definitely be on this website before then.

But, for those wanting a preview…’Pan‘ is pants.

The Program –
10 - The Program
Oh, now we’re talking. ‘The Program‘ is possibly my most anticipated movie for the rest of 2015. Brought to us by Working Title (the current KING of thought-provoking and absurdly good biopics) and directed by Stephen Frears, ‘The Program‘ aims to tear down the legacy of cyclist Lance Armstrong whose fame and success relied significantly on performance enhancing drugs.

Ben Foster looks like a creepy, force of nature as Armstrong and Chris O’Dowd seems to be flexing his underrated dramatic muscles as David Walsh, the journalist who helped to expose a huge doping scandal that was discovered to be a global incident that rocked the sport to its core. ‘The Program‘ doesn’t look like it’s going to be pulling any punches and that’s definitely for the best. I am hype.

October 21st 2015
The Last Witch Hunter – 

11 - The Last Witch Hunter
Vin Diesel plays an immortal witch-hunter who teams up with a young priest played by Elijah Wood to save the world from a coven that is trying to take over the world. To do this Vin Diesel must travel between the real world and a dream world and…I don’t need to explain anymore of the plot. This sounds awesome.

I’ve been let down with high-concept schlocky b-movies before with ‘I, Frankenstein‘, ‘Into the Storm‘ and ‘Dracula: Untold‘ but this one has director Breck Eisner onboard and he directed ‘The Crazies‘ which gives ‘The Last Witch Hunter‘ some credibility. It’s also a dream-project for Vin Diesel who is actually a well-known fan of “Dungeons and Dragons” type movies, as well as the board game itself. So the pieces are in place for this to AT LEAST be a fun, schlocky distraction.

I’m sick of WANTING to have fun at movies like this and being consistently let down. I don’t know how much disappointment my cholesterol-ridden heart can take.

October 23rd 2015
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – 
12 - Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension
Another year another terrible looking instalment to the overall pretty terrible “Paranormal Activity” franchise.

I’ve often described these movies as “horror movies for people who don’t like horror” because while there are possibly only one or two scares across the five previous movies (the previous five movies total up to 432 minutes long meaning that there’s one scare every 216 minutes, or every two and a half movies) they mostly consist of vapid, hollow loud-noises to give the ILLUSION of horror. Meaning that casual audience members who don’t know any better will view these lazy, objectively terrible movies and think they’re taking part in a community/fanbase that really should not stand for this brand of “horror”.

And you’ve got to love the sheer lack of self-awareness with the tagline; “For the first time you will see the activity”. It’s almost as if the franchise KNOWS it’s done jack-shit for 432 minutes and is finally going to present some honest-to-god scares. But I doubt that because this movie will cost around £20 to make and will make millions and this sorry excuse of a franchise will continue for another year.

It’s pretty much a sure thing that this movie with be phenomenally terrible just like the prior instalments. The big unanswered question is; Will ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension‘ be worse than ‘The Gallows‘? Whoever wins, horror loses.

October 26th 2015
Spectre – 

13 - Spectre
Here we have possibly the most anticipated movie for the rest of the 2015, if you were to ask the U.K. population as a collective. The 2012 James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ became the biggest box-office hit in U.K. history so naturally the follow-up, ‘Spectre‘, has high expectations. Sam Mendes is returning to the franchise after working wonders with ‘Skyfall‘, Daniel Craig looks sexy in a turtleneck and we have a superb cast taking part in the globe-hopping antics we’ve come to expect from Bond.

I’m not quite as excited for ‘Spectre‘ as I was for ‘Skyfall‘, mainly because the trailers haven’t been nearly as good, but I have a feeling they’re playing their cards very close to their chest and that ‘Spectre‘ will be full of surprises. So grab your martinis, hop into your Aston Martin and prepare to have your world rocked by Bond, James Bond.

And that’s October 2015. We have so many potential gems here that it’s hard to name my most anticipated of the month. But if I had to choose three I’d pick;

  • Suffragette
  • The Program
  • Spectre

But what are you folks looking forward to this month of Halloween? What catches your eye in terms of horror releases, as I’m bound to have missed a few. Sound off in the comments section below!

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