Movie Mania Podcast #26 – Weird Movie Endings

Because Bandit slept in, the inmates are running the asylum as Tre and Trilbee take over the Podcast for the week! This week on Movie Mania, we talk J.K. Simmons’ casting in ‘Justice League‘, Sony Announcing a Venom standalone movie, the new trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War‘, as well as giving an in-depth look at ‘Anomalisa‘, talking Tarantino films and ‘Kung Fu Panda 3‘ before taking a look at our favourite movies with ambiguous endings.

Topic Time Stamps –
Movie News – 3:37
Homework – 54:05
Feature Presentation – 1:24:52
Weird Movie Endings – 1:24:52
Listener Questions – 1:58:47

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Posted: 17th Mar 16