Movie Mania Podcast #33 – Summer Movies Preview

Tre and Trilbee cover the upcoming Summer Movies. While Bandit, that amazing, brilliant and incredibly good looking fellow. Rests his soothing, glorious voice, from a nasty throat infection. I must say, what a brave soldier that Bandit is for battling through that sickness, by sleeping off the strong anti-bacterial drugs in his system. Truly he is an inspiration to us all. A true hero.

Topic Time Stamps;
Movie News – 2:35
Homework – 25:13
Zootopia – 26:38
Hunchback of Notre Dame – 33:40
The Green Room – 42:53
Civil War (No Spoilers) – 48:55
Feature Presentation – 1:00:20
Summer Movie Preview – 1:00:20

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Posted: 8th May 16