Movie Mania Podcast #38 – Alfred Hitchcock Films

This week on the Movie Mania Podcast, we talk the master of suspense. The legendary director….and pervert, Alfred Hitchcock. His films, his techniques and his life…..what? But mother I’m writing the description for the podcast…….SHUT UP MOTHER! JUST SHUT UP!

Topic Time Stamps;
Movie News – 4:54
Homework – 42:03
Angry Birds (Trilbee’s thoughts) – 42:25
Money Monster – 49:43
Watership Down – 53:13
TMNT 2 (Trilbee’s brief thoughts) – 59:47
Feature Presentation – 1:01:11
Alfred Hitchcock – 1:01:11
Listener Questions – 2:06:44

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Posted: 19th Jun 16