Movie Mania Podcast #60 – Black Mirror & Other Stuff!

This week the guys do one big homework episode, talking all the movies we have seen recently. ‘Arrival‘, ‘Moana‘, ‘Black Mirror‘, ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘, ‘Elf‘, ‘The Polar Express‘ etc.

Topic Time Stamps;
Movie News – 5:44
Homework/Feature Presentation – 50:59
Moana‘ – 51:45
The Secret Life of Pets‘ – 1:00:57
Arrival‘ – 1:14:55
Elf‘ – 1:20:40
The Polar Express‘ – 1:29:25
Black Mirror‘ – 1:34:34
Listener Questions – 2:18:55

Special thanks to Frank, for this week’s fantastic logo design!

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Posted: 10th Jan 17