William “Trilbee” Carlisle – Director/Writer Showreel

Clips used + details (in order of appearance in showreel)
Cold Case – Director, Writer, Camera Operator and Editor
– Short film as part of the MA Fiction Film Course at the University of Salford
– Requirements; Write and direct a film under 7 minutes long
– Filmed in 2 days with a budget of £70
– Crew of 2

“The Fallen” Trailer – Director, Co-Writer, Camera Operator and Editor
– Competition to put together a trailer for Charlie Higson’s book “The Fallen”
– Filmed in 3 days with a £30 budget
– Crew of 2

The Ballad of Pedro – Co-Director
– Part of the University of Salford’s 48 hour film challenge
– Combining the different departments (Media, Art, Music etc.) we wrote, shot, edited and screened ‘The Balled of Pedro’ in 48 hours
– Filmed entirely in one room, using different drawn backdrop and sets
– Crew of 10

The Lighthouse Club – Co-Director and Writer
– An unaired television pilot created under the supervision of CBeebies and the University of Salford
– Shot almost entirely on green-screen
– Crew of 9

Opportunity – Director & Co-Writer
– Created with a skeleton crew of 5 as part of the “24 Hour Film Race”
– Crew of 4

The Making of “Fractured” – Director, Writer, Camera Operator and Editor
– Short film as part of the MA Fiction Film Course at the University of Salford
– Requirements; no longer than 3 minutes, needed 5 different camera movements and at least one action scene
– Shot as a “mockumentary”
– Crew of 1

Meatspace – Director, Writer, Camera Operator and Editor
– Television Pilot broadcast online.
– Final MA Fiction Film Project for the University of Salford
– Filmed in 4 days with a budget of £200
– Viewed by over 550 people during its first broadcast in September 2014
– Utilised an award-winning cast and crew
– Transmedia Social Media Facebook Integration during the live online broadcast
– Crew of 4

Additional Production Credits
– ‘Grimsby RV‘ – Runner/Driver, Sound Operator – AFC 2014 WINNER directed by Rob Smith
– ‘Doctor Who: Generations – A Portal to the Past‘ – Writer
– ‘Invisah-Bees: The Movie‘ – Script Consultant
– ‘The Casualty of Albion‘ – First AD – directed by Tally Kapadia
– Camera Operator & Editor for the ‘Blaze‘ 2013 Showcase
– Camera Operator at the RTS Media Awards 2013
– Humber UTC Marketing Officer – Directing, Filming & Editing Promotional Footage
– North Lindsey College Promotional Material – Directing, Filming & Editor
– Associated British Ports Promotional Material – Runner & Production Assistant
– On The Bench: Extra (EstuaryTV) – Camera Assistant
– On Your Bike! (EstuaryTV) – Production Assistant, Runner & Sound Operator
– Caught In The Act (Short Film for 2015 Manchester Filmonik Kabaret) – Screenwriter & Editor
– Black Shadow (Short Film for 2015 Manchester Filmonik Kabaret) – Editor
– PayPlan (Corporate Videos with Ear Productions/Crisis Guardian) – Production Runner


“I thought for a first attempt at writing for children, his script was appropriate in tone and language for the target audience and that he responded well to any feedback I gave him.”

– Terri Langan. In-House Development Producer at CBeebies for ‘The Lighthouse Club’

“When you work with William, he maintains a high professional standard in both his work and yours. But what makes him great, is the fact that he can also make it one of the funniest and most rewarding moments of your life. Will mixes work with pleasure but you end up with a completed work that is both brilliant and memorable. If Will ever asks me to work with him again, I will never say no.”

– John Ferguson. Actor. Jamie in ‘Meatspace

“William Trilbee Carlisle is a genuinely lovely guy and an extremely talented writer, director and film maker. He creates a positive atmosphere on set and he’s a great director because he helps to guide his actors/actresses through the process. It is also a plus that he has acted in numerous roles himself and has a great ability to understand both technical, production and performance aspects. It has been pleasure working with William and hope to work with him in future.”

– Chloey Rose. AFC Best Supporting Actress Winner. Megan in ‘Meatspace

“A brilliant director that let’s you have the freedom you need to create a character whilst staying professional and focused . All around good laugh to work with and produces high quality work.”

– Cayde Sleeth Wilding. David in ‘Meatspace

“William has a good energy and enthusiasm with both cast and crew. He is extremely efficient at directing and connecting with actors of all ages.”

– Liam Rabbitte. Production Member on ‘The Lighthouse Club‘ ‘The Balled of Pedro‘ “& ‘Opportunity’

Will is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely hard working and knows his stuff about films!”

– Maeve O’ Sullivan. Producer on ‘The Lighthouse Club

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