Ant-Man (2015) – Official Trailer #1 (REACTION)

On the eve of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s release over the next 2-3 weeks, Disney/Marvel Studios have decided to drop the trailer for their next MCU movie; ‘Ant-Man‘. After a brief teaser in January, this is considered to be the first true trailer for the movie which is more plot-focused and action-heavy than the previous one.

Oh and Thomas the Tank Engine is in the trailer. Choo choo, motherf*****.
ant man trailer 3
A few interesting take-aways from the trailer. It would seem like the re-shoots that took place a couple of months ago emphasising Scott Lang’s criminal past are going to be a big instigator for the film as opposed to something that was going to be mildly brushed under the rug like in the original version. We also get to see more of the powers and abilities that the Ant-Man suit grants its user and that’s probably due to the CGI-heavy sequences with the armies of ants being in a more finished state then they were in January. It’s also nice to see that the CGI is a definite improvement from the teaser trailer.

My concern with the teaser was whether or not director Peyton Reed and cinematographer Russell Carpenter would be able to pull off a Summer Action-Movie due to their limited experience in the high-budget arena, but this trailer shows that the material is in safe hands as Ant-Man’s power-set is put to brilliant use. Whether it’s Ant-Man growing mid-flip to throw a guard through a window as well as running down the barrel of the handgun it looks like we’re gonna get some incredibly unique and inventive action.

And that model-train gag at the end…
ant man trailer 4
I first saw this trailer when I was at work and when the shot changed to the distant shot of the train falling off the tracks due to the minor collision with Yellowjacket, I genuinely had to take a break for a few minutes because I could not stop laughing. I’m actually kinda glad that I saw that clip in the trailer because if I’d seen it for the first time in a movie theatre then I’d probably get thrown out for disrupting the peace. It also looks like that scene takes place in Scott Lang’s daughters bedroom and you’d probably get a lot of comedy and potentially brilliant fight-choreography in a setting like that.

Anyway, speaking of Yellowjacket, we get quite a glimpse of Corey Stoll as Darren Cross, Hank Pym’s former assistant and antagonist of the movie. It seems like everything Scott Lang’s suit can do, Darren Cross’ can do better which should make for a good villain set-up.
ant man trailer 2
But there’s a lot to like about this trailer. From the “Show me how to punch” scene, the moment where Ant-Man almost falls out of the helicopter as well as Scott befriending the cute ant underground. I also loved the trailer music which is “Visionary” by Hi-Finesse, which I first heard in the equally awesome trailer for last year’s ‘Pompeii‘. What amazes me with this trailer though, is that it’s basically Marvel saying “Yeah, we can screw up a movie halfway through production and STILL make it look like something worth seeing on opening weekend!”.

Because make no mistake, Marvel just sold a lot of tickets to audience members with that Thomas the Tank Engine gag alone.

Ant-Man‘ opens in the UK and in the US on July 17th 2015.
ant man trailer 1
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