Deadpool (2016) – Official Trailer #2 (REACTION)

Merry Christmas, Ladies and Gentlemen! This day, December 25th, is the day where a man with super-natural abilities in a red suit bestows gifts to everyone on earth. This gentlemen is, of course, Deadpool.

Over the past 12 days, 20th Century Fox have been giving us the “12 Days of Deadpool”, counting down to Christmas Day where a new trailer has been released. But before we talk about the red-band trailer, let’s count down the 12 days! And let’s do it in song…if you can make it work.

On The First Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…A Poster With “Get A Load Of Me”…
deadpool trailer 2 1
How did this get past censors? What a rude, lude and funny poster to sum up the tone of the character. Thankfully the Deadpool belt-buckle is present to give the image more branding for the movie as well as giving the image some…context, shall we say?

On The Second Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…Two Ryan Reynolds…
deadpool trailer 2 2
On The Third Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…Three Cartoon Dragons…
deadpool trailer 2 3
On The Fourth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…Exclusive Empire Pictures (Yeah, the numbers don’t work anymore)…
deadpool trailer 2 4

deadpool trailer 2 5On The Fifth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…AAAAAAAAAnother Posteeeeeer…
deadpool trailer 2 6
Who comes up with this stuff?!

On The Sixth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…Bum Rushing Colossus…
deadpool trailer 2 7
On The Seventh Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…a 2015 Newsletter…
deadpool trailer 2 8
On The Eighth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…More Than Eight Emojis…
deadpool trailer 2 9
On The Ninth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…A Brand New IMAX Poster…
deadpool trailer 2 10
On The Tenth Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…A Burning Bag of Poop…


On The Eleventh Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…A Wolverine Twitter Cameo…
deadpool trailer 2 11
On The Twelve Day of Christmas, Deadpool Gave To Me…A 3-Minute Red-Band Trailer

Before we talk about the trailer, let’s talk about this whole campaign. While I applaud 20th Century Fox for the effort and the commitment to what could be the cult sleeper-hit of 2016, I don’t quite know how much of this has managed to hit the mainstream. I imagine the #12DaysOfDeadpool campaign is about drumming up excitement to the already converted, but despite there being 12 pieces of content over 12 days, I hardly saw any of it get shared around and it’s my job to see this stuff. In fact, putting together this article on Christmas Day is the first I’ve seen of most of these images and videos.

But still, 10/10 for effort and if the movie has a strong opening weekend then what’ll I know?

Now, for the trailer. This was a lot of fun. Despite the harsh language and strong violence, I think some of the funnier moments were the more down-played sequences, like Deadpool in the back of the Taxi playing with the window, Deadpool playing dead for one of the gunmen on the bridge and Deadpool with the cartoon, though I imagine that joke playing better in context when we see him drawing the picture earlier on in the sequence.

“Have you seen this man?”
deadpool trailer 2 12
But the reason I know that he draws that picture earlier on is my main problem with this trailer. While we get more jokes, more of Deadpool’s origin as well as more of the X-Men (with news coming on December 23rd saying that Colossus will be voiced and partially motion-captured by Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic), a lot of the action-scenes and jokes we’ve already seen in the last trailer and the TV spots. Deadpool in the car, on the bridge, at the dock etc. It makes me wonder just how much action will be in the action-comedy and whether or not they’ve putting all the jokes in the promotional material.
deadpool trailer 2 13
But we get a look at Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her powers and more of that 4th-wall Deadpool breaking we all know and love. Though it was random for the trailer to stop and announce that Deadpool’s girlfriend isn’t a “damsel in distress” and then show nothing to back that up.

But I still liked this trailer a lot and I can imagine this being the trailer that gets more mainstream traction than the previous one which ‘Deadpool‘ will need if it wants to be anything more than a cult hit.

Deadpool‘ will be released in the U.K. on February 10th 2016 and in the U.S. on February 12th.
deadpool trailer 2 14

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