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Nowadays it’s hard to come across a good, contemporary horror movie and it’s even harder to find a good modern-day remake of a horror staple. Yet in 2013, we got both when masterclass filmmaker Sam Raimi assembled a new creative team to remake his 1981 movie ‘The Evil Dead‘. 2013’s ‘Evil Dead‘ offered a very different alternative to the original by changing the tone, making the plot (slightly) more plausible and upping the gore and gruesome imagery ten-fold. It’s a darn good time for horror fans or gore-hounds.

Now, three years later, the Director of ‘Evil Dead‘, Fede Alvarez, Co-Writer Rodo Sayagues, Actor Jane Levy and Producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tampert have come together again for ‘Don’t Breathe‘ which made its premier at South by Southwest (as did ‘Evil Dead‘) this year to positive reviews and we now have our first trailer. Below is the poster, which was first revealed upon the film’s SXSW premier.
don't breath trailer 1
The premise is thus; Jane Levy plays Rocky, a teenager who is a babysitter for a young girl in an abusive household. She decides to run away with the girl but needs money to make it happen. One of her friends played by Daniel Zovatto gets a tip off that a local blind man has hundreds of thousands of dollars locked away in his house so the two, along with another friend played by Dylan Minnette, break into the house to steal the money. But they didn’t count on the old, blind man to be played by a bloodthirsty Stephen Lang and to essentially be Marvel Comics’ Daredevil as his lack of vision means he has other heightened senses leaving the teens trapped in the labyrinth and fighting for their lives.
don't breath trailer 5
The premise is novel and lends itself to tension-filled scares but the initial concern with this premise is that it might be very easy to lose sympathy with the teenagers who are hoping to rob a blind senior citizen. Thankfully, this trailer helps to address that potential issue by painting at least one of the teens, Rocky, in a slightly more sympathetic light. In fact, Money, the guy whose idea it was to rob the blind man in the first place, is the first one to get killed leaving Jane and the kid from ‘Goosebumps who is in for a rude awakening if he thought the monsters in that film were bad.
don't breath trailer 2
Stephen Lang looks awesome in this film and the conceit of having to be as quiet as possible in this house could pave the way for incredibly tense, low-key set-pieces. Though, if you’ve seen ‘Evil Dead‘, you’ll know that “low-key” isn’t something director Fede Alvarez is known for. But still, this trailer escalates incredibly quickly and, despite not even hearing about it until this trailer debuted, has already become one of my most anticipated movies of 2016.
don't breath trailer 3
My one concern is that because there are only two “protagonists” after the death of Money early on, whether or not the movie can sustain the tension throughout 90 minutes. After all, there aren’t many characters left to kill when you immediately off 1/3 of the cast. I also wish that the sequence set in the dark hadn’t been shown in the trailer because that would have been an interesting left-field direction to take this horror flick.
don't breath trailer 4
So, ‘Don’t Breathe‘ is ‘Daredevil‘ meets ‘Home Alone‘ meets ‘Friday the 13th‘. That’s a pretty sweet combination and after ‘Evil Dead‘, I’m inclined to trust this relatively fresh creative team.

Don’t Breathe‘ will be released in the U.S. on August 26th 2016 and in the U.K. on September 9th 2016.

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