The BFG (2016) – Teaser Trailer (REACTION)

While Disney have been re-imagining their animated fairytales in live-action such as ‘Maleficent‘, ‘Cinderella‘ and the upcoming ‘The Jungle Book‘ they are not the be-all and end-all of the genre. Disney and their movies are so ingrained in the public consciousness that we forget that stories like Peter Pan don’t belong to them. As such, a company like Warner Bros. is able to make a Peter Pan origin story in ‘Pan‘ earlier this year. Naturally, the opposite should be true as well. “The BFG” by Roald Dahl (released in 1982 and made into an animated film in 1989 starring David Jason) has all the makings of a contemporary fairy-tale and feels like a perfect fit for the company.

But when you pair Walt Disney Pictures with a director like Steven Spielberg? That’s how you get me to pay for a movie ticket. And we have our first Teaser Trailer for the film.
bfg teaser 4
So far it’s looking very very faithful to the original book and the popular animated film. We have newcomer Ruby Barnhill playing Sophie who lives in an Orphanage and one night she is taken by a giant that walks the streets of London. And…that’s the teaser. It’s definitely a teaser that is playing all of its cards close to its chest and it looks like we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Sophie says during narration “Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain”. Who wrote this? Steven Moffat? Can we not blink, think or turn around either?
bfg teaser 3
Aesthetically, this teaser gave me flashbacks to the ‘Pan‘ trailers and I get the sense that ‘The BFG‘ (short for “Big Friendly Giant”) will get right what that movie got horribly wrong. That movie gave Peter a contrived destiny and prophecy story that didn’t belong in the material meaning that when Peter got to Neverland it didn’t feel like the fascinating world it should have been because it was bogged down in so much exposition. With ‘The BFG‘ that fantastical elements should be the world that Sophie discovers and how she gets there, not where SHE came from originally.

Ordinary person. Fantastical world. This is NOT a hard formula, Hollywood.

Thankfully ‘The BFG‘ has gotten it right (so far). I also like how they’ve stayed true to Roald Dahl’s logic. The titular giant (played by Mark Rylance who recently worked with Spielberg in ‘Bridge of Spies‘) is big, but he’s not towering over the buildings. In the book he’s 24 feet tall which makes him a little runt in the Giant World (where they stand at 50 feet) and that modest size, relatively speaking, is applied here. It still feels grandiose but it’s grounded and he’s still smaller than the neighbouring buildings in this teaser. WETA are handling the visual effects for the film so expect top-notch motion-capture for the giants.
bfg teaser 1
It’s a teaser trailer so there’s not that much to discuss, but I like the look of it a lot. This movie is also the final screenplay from writer Melissa Mathison who wrote ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial‘ for Spielberg in 1982 who passed away last month from Neuroendocrine Cancer. Hopefully it’s a movie that’s worthy of such an iconic lineage.

Also part of the cast are Bill Hader (‘Inside Out‘ & ‘Trainwreck‘) as a giant, Penelope Wilton (‘Shaun of the Dead‘ & ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel‘) as Queen Elizabeth and Rebecca Hall (‘Iron Man 3‘ & ‘The Gift‘) as the Queen’s maid.

The BFG‘ will be released in the U.S. on July 1st 2016 and in the U.K. on July 22nd.
bfg teaser 2

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