The Secret Life of Pets (2016) – Official Teaser Trailer (REACTION)

Over the course of just a few years Illumination Entertainment have become a juggernaut in the animation-field. Sure, their live-action hybrid film ‘Hop‘ in 2011 wasn’t very good and ‘Dr Seuss’ The Lorax’ was a hypocritical, giant steaming pile of dog-poop, their ‘Despicable Me‘ franchise has garnered enough goodwill on its own to spawn a mini-empire. Illumination Entertainment haven’t had much success doing something that doesn’t have a Minion in it, but they’re still trying as the other day they released their first poster for ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘ as well as their first teaser trailer.
the secret life of pets trailer 1
Not gonna lie, the combination of this poster and the teaser trailer really surprised me. See, the gimmick of “when human’s aren’t looking” has been done numerous times. Most notably the ‘Toy Story‘ franchise. It’s basically a license to allow normal everyday things to do really over-the-top stuff, get into incredibly elaborate hi-jinks while somehow getting back to normality in time before the humans turn up again. With the tagline “Think this is what they do all day?” I thought that as soon as the owners left that the pets would start driving around in cars, or standing on their hind legs to have sophisticated conversations with each other.

Funny, perhaps. But predictable and that would be the easy approach.

However, in this teaser trailer for ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘, the pets in question actually don’t do anything particularly elaborate. They don’t have a super-secret club, or a hierarchy, or even talk to each other that much. Things such as spending the day barking at squirrels, or waiting for their owners to come back or listening to heavy metal music aren’t out of the question for ordinary pets. And that normality is actually pretty charming.
the secret life of pets trailer 2
Will the actual movie be like that? I don’t know. This is only a teaser trailer, but part of me hopes that this is the direction that ‘Despicable Me‘ director Chris Renaud and co-director Yarrow Cheney go for. I’ve seen a lot of reactions to this trailer from pet-owners and they really enjoyed the slightly grounded nature of the gags and the concept so I can imagine ‘The Secret Life of Pets‘ resonating with that demographic.

We don’t hear much from the voice cast, but the talent is amazing. Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert Brooks, Lake Bell, Steve Coogan, Ellie Kemper, Jenny Slate and more. This is one helluva line up. To get that pedigree on board, there’s got to be something special about this material which should instil a lot of faith in movie-goers.
the secret life of pets trailer 5
Now, at first glance, the movie just seemed like a sketch compilation. But researching the film shows that there’s an actual story, though it’s not hinted at in the movie. It’s a teaser trailer for a reason. Mainly because the film is literally almost 13 months away.

Blimey, this teaser trailer came early.
the secret life of pets trailer 3
But this was a really charming, really funny and appropriately-grounded first impression. The voice cast shows promise and hopefully Illumination Entertainment will be able to create a hit that isn’t centred around kind-hearted villains.

The Secret Life of Pets‘ will be released in the UK on June 24th 2016 and in the US on July 8th 2016.
the secret life of pets trailer 4
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